Friday, January 16, 2015

I am Back.. I am Back!

Many of you may not know me..
Maybe some of you remember me!
I am the editing person woozen poster here on Woozworld Burst.
I was the one who always made posts and tips about editing... then.... I started to not work on editing..
I got bored.. and bored... AND BORED. I left and played some other games.. Then my computer broke, I had to use a Ipad then it cracked.. now I have a laptop and.. Wow! It has been quite an adventure.
Well Why am I back here?
Well.. Heh.. Pinky just reminded me and if I did not keep posting I would get kicked off the blog!
Oh.. and I do have to get back to my posting days.. but I need WIFI because I moved... I'll have to talk to Pinky about that!
Now enough about me.. What about you?
Hello reader!
How are you?
Well.. This is mostly a post saying "I'm back!"
I will probably post again on Sunday. Nice meeting you, or seeing you again-
Did I mention my Woozen name? Oops.
Well I'm Katiekat00
See You All Soon!