Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Photo Contest For Everyone! :)

Hello everyone! Sorry that I am not too active I have been VERY busy lately, but I will be as active as possible! :) So, I have been inspired by all of the photo contests in woozworld that I have decided to do one and share with you, readers!!! I have made a video with some basic rules but there are a few details I forgot to mention! Here is the video:
Hope you guys have fun entering your amazing and beautiful outfits! The details I forgot to mention is that the deadline will be on the 15th. And to make sure that I see the photo look for my albumz named "January Fashion Entries" There is only one photo.
Comment on it saying
"Entered" and when you do
I will check the photo and make sure it is valid.
When you do make sure
you have a January Themed Background and clothes like winter....
Hope you guys have a lot of fun!

The prizes are:
1st place: 15,000 Beex + A surprise ;)
2nd place: 9,000 Beex + A surprise
3rd Place: 4,000 Beex

                                            Good luck guys!
AKA SparklesBowtiez :)