Thursday, January 8, 2015

Help? + Fashion


Hi guys!! I need your help I am entering dederoks's photo contest so please click Hereee! :D it would mean so much!!! :3 hehe x3


So, have you guys seen the cute new stuff in ZeChic!? They are ADORABLE! Here: :D

1st Page.
I honestly LOVE the two-toned hair
just because it's two-toned! XD That way I can have my color code AND my hair color code x3

2nd Page.
I love the two hairs on this page! Bunny Head and Panda Hat They are REALLY cute ! x0

And of course you will find tons of cute outfits along with the new items AND tons of people are doing eventz for ZeChic items since they are VIP only and I was doing a few! Maybe, if you want you can message me and maybe you'll receive something xD have fun with the new stuff! :)

                                              Bye guys! :D
AKA SparklesBowtiez