Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Zechic Items Coming Out -- Scoring--

HEY GUYS! So I heard that Zechic is getting some new and never seen outfits.. And I thought it would be cool to judge each item we have so far Twice a today.. And so here we go!

This hair is one of the latest hairs, and I think it is kinda cool, but for Christians like me, I wouldn't like it. But I think it would look better on The Mess - boy hair-. Overall: 3/10

I honestly LOVEEE
this hair. I think it's a fun sleepover look, going back to when your five.. 
and it also reminds me of the Asian Lovely Pigtails. It could of been
a even better though.
Overall: 7/10

Well, I'll cya later!