Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Leaked: January 8th ShopZ Garments

Hey Bursties!
Selly here, with a photo of all of the new items which will be in Shopz from January 8th!
This photo isn't mine, It was leaked by some Woozens on Facebook
 (While we're at it, add me on Facebook, Jessica Selly Wooz!).
 Woozens got these items in their inventories ahead of time by using a programme called Charles Proxy, and codes for the new items.However, they can't wear them, only see them, therefore they will have to buy the new items legit, just like the rest of us. 
Thanks to them, we can see all the fabulous items that are coming: 
The girl's tops in the first row are to die for! Those two are my favorites for now. 
Unfortunately, these items will be in the ZeChic section of Shopz, meaning they won't be available to Non-Vips! The worst thing is, they won't be transferable either, according to the people who leaked them.  It's most likely that they won't, but it could seem that way to them because they used Charles to see them in their inventories, not to get the items. I hope that they actually will be transferable so I could get them, since I, myself, am a Non-Vip. What's your opinion on the items? Discuss it with me in the chat!

Gotta work on a new sign-off photo, gosh. xD
Xox, SelenaGomez6428 AKA Selly.