Friday, January 23, 2015

NationZ Video Contest.

Hey guys! Bleaty here.Today I'm going to be talking about a new contest on Woozworld which is:NationZ Video Contest!This contest is all about YOU Making a video about why you think YOUR NationZ is absolutely the BEST and why you think it should win.So in order to do this,follow these steps:
1.) Go to the unitz: NationZ Games Training Grounds
2.) You click the Green Podz that says:Enlist Podz for video contest!                                                      

3.) Follow the Instructions and make your video :D
                                                                             So if you follow those 3 easy steps,You will be able to make your video :) Some tips would be to:

1.) Be Creative!Some boring info won't get you ANYWHERE.Trust me,My tab will be gone before you know it

2.)Get as many people as you can!If there's only 2 people,it will still be good,but with more people,It makes it interesting,AND They might have some Great ideas too.

3.) Make it under 1:00.If you don't,then well sorry cause they won't accept it x(.

Anyways that's really all for today about the Video Contest.Message me at Bleatystar- if you would like to be in my Mystic Alley video.Thanks guys! Have fun making those fabulous videos of yours.Bleaty signing out! xoxo