Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to make your profile picture turned around

Hey guys! Bleaty here again.If you've noticed,many people have their profile pics different.Here's a compare and contrast:

Normal Profile:                                                                                           Different Profile:

Many people have been asking woozens how to do it.If you want to know how to do this,follow these steps.Now some aren't as easy to do and can be complicated.

1.) Get on the Woozworld App.(So far,we have only found out this only works when you use the Woozworld App.)      

2.)   Click your Inventory and your Avatar is standing on the podium thing next to all the clothes.

3.) There is a little Arrow Under the podium thing that they are standing on.   

4.) Click the arrow to Rotate into the pose you choose.


5.)Click the X (Cancel) to exit out your inventory and TA DA! Your profile is now in that pose.I don't know how people do other things like the skateboard.                                                                                       Please Message QueenRosie1 Thank you Because She Is The One That Told Me This :)

Anyways that's all for today guys!Please remember to rate this interesting or cool if you thought it was,or even funny if you did think it was funny O_O.Also please message me some things you would like me to post about.Like tutorials on how to draw anime woozens or something like that. :) Thanks xo Bleaty signing out!