Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Outfits Review!

                                                 Hello everyone!
         Today I am going to do the second set of Nationz Outfit's review! Let's get started.

Hair: Hmm.. I don't really know what Woozworld was going with here... I think the braids and the hair on the side is gorgeous! The back of the hair.. it just doesn't finish the whole part. Maybe a high ponytail would do. Overall, I think this hair is OK. I love the front part, though! 9/10

Dress: Oh my, I think this dress is just GORGEOUS! The patterns on the top, so chic. I just love the bottom, how you can see a little through it. This dress is very beautiful, and I think Woozworld did an excellent job with this. 10/10

Skirt: You cannot see the skirt in this photo, sorry. I think it is just general. They should of added a little pattern. I liked the fact that Woozworld added a little pattern at the bottom. Too cute! 8/10
Shoes: These shoes will knock your socks off, literally! They are stunning! I love the spikes at the end, to the high heels. Woozworld did amazing with these shoes. 10/10 *Will show the shoes and skirts at the end.
Hair: From the waves, to the beautiful flower, this hair is STUNNING! Wow, woozworld did AMAZING with this one. I love how the flower tops it off, and the waves that are almost shoulder length. If the hair were to be longer, I would have thought it would be less attractive. Whoever designed this, well done! I give it a big 10/10.

Coat/dress: This is a big no no in my opinion. The dress is perfect, but the faux fur coat, I would think it would be too fluffy and big! 7/10
The skirt has a little more shade, but it is just plain and general. 9/10
Shoes: Eh they're okay, just a little less detailed than the spike shoes. The straps are cute :) 9/10

Well those were the outfit reviews for the girls. Woozworld did good designing this time!
Here are the shoes and skirts:
Thank you for reading! Cannot wait to review next week's outfits.