Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Quick Reminder, Bullying Isn't Good! >:O

Evening, Woozens!
 Last night, I was holding an event, and someone came in and decided that calling me, and my sister very inappropriate names was a GOOD idea! Guess what? It is NOT! In fact, she would not stop, and repeatedly spammed me and my sister with HATE! It got so bad, we called in a WoozGuide. Worst part? Everyone started joining in on the action by hating, as well! The hatred spread like a forest fire! By the time the WoozGuide arrived, we had managed to get most of the people to leave, but, the person who started the fire stayed. She claimed to be innocent, and was let off with a warning. As soon as the Guide left, though... She started back up again, but it was worse. She started dissing one of the WoozGuidez we attempted to call in.

I apologize for this post, as it is unrelated to what I usually post. I have also posted something like this before... Anyway, that's not the point! The point is, bullying is not okay! Please, if you catch someone committing an act of bullying, report and block them IMMEDIATELY! Also, if YOU decide that, for even a SECOND, that bullying is okay, and you start bullying another person? You should stop and think about what you are doing. Is it right? Are you being NICE? No! So, PLEASE! Do not bully/be mean to ANYONE! Be kind, and maybe, we can all make a change to WoozWorld for the better. <3

CaseyEpicSmiley, the concerned, and mildly upset Woozen.