Friday, January 9, 2015

#ZeChicYoSelf Items + WINNERS!!

Hey guys! :D Bleaty here.Today I shall be talking about our winners and #ZeChicYoSelf! And something new I made :D So lets get started.I'll start of with the less 'intimidating' stuff.So about #ZeChicYoSelf,Mya has been posting about it,which you can see about in the other posts of fellow bloggers.So if u go in shopz,you'll see a ZeChicYoSelf tab.You click that.Sadly,its for VIPS.But!! We are still aloud to gift ;) So if you go to free times,you'll be able to get these wonderful items.     
On January 10th Or in other terms,tomorrow,there will be different items,so get your stuff now while you got the chance!These items are very original and very unique!Its like a miniature FashionFriday But only for vips.

                                                            So basically that's all about it.Make sure to try and get Vips to gift :P I would most likely search on the World Search Ze then all the 'Ze Chic' unitz will most likely be there.Now onto the WINNERS!! Give a congratulations for:

and.... tied for first...

1.)QueenRosie1 AND Ejmeto-Backup.There's are tied cause I gotta say,I luved these 2 alot :D

Rate this post 'cool' for Ejmeto and 'interesting' for Rosie. All the pictures were fabulous,but I gotta say,those guys had the most fab ones ever :PWhew ok.That was some hard work.I am really proud of all of you,and I give my thanks for entering C: Tomorrow I have a great brainstorm for my post,so be prepared That's all for today Bursties Bye xo! Bleaty signing out!