Sunday, January 18, 2015

#FashionWithCutie is Back!

What's up bursties? :3 ........ FASHION TIME WITH CUTIE!!!!! I haven't done some fashion posts for some times now, but it is back ;) Okay, so this time I looked around woozworld and found some outfits that had at least one piece with the new outfit.
This is the full new outfit and the reasons I chose to use this outfit was because of  this unique and amazing color code!!! I can't even describe the color! Amazing color code, Kiara917!
The matching with the clothes and the skirt is just perfect :O It is perfect for just a casual day or this outfit can be used for a party!!! I love how the cropped top makes it a bit casual, but those shoes and that hair!! Fabulous, xemilyxlovex!
Matching a zechic top with the skirt and boots... like YAS! XD I think this is perfect for like a casual walk or just for hanging with friends! The skirt and top make it like a mini dress and it is dressed down a bit with those cute boots!! Love it, sparkletheawsome!
PARTY TIME WITH THIS OUTFIT! XD I seriously just love this outfit! The hair, top, skirt, and shoes here just equal perfection! Perfect for a night out, date, or a party! Love your style, Jessicaziv!

Good job to all of you guys!! LOVE ALL OF YOUR STYLES! Remember guys, you can send me pictures of your outfit by putting it in an album then message me saying which album the picture is in! Time to go! ;) New Sign Off Photo (FINALLY)