Monday, January 19, 2015

Auditions! + Outfits to get ready for Valentine's!

I am doing a new series! The audition details will be at the bottom The auditions are to have some fun around Woozworld when you're bored! :)

Ok, let's start with the colors for a perfect outfit!
So, when you are thinking of a cute Valentine's day outfit
you want to have some colors to match it! Such as....
And White...
So now that we know some colors, let's find some in Woozworld! (Color codes)
Ok, I found a perfect red for Valentine's :)

We have a red, Even though 
pink doesn't mix with red we
can make it work for Valentine's!
Let's get a pink now...
It would probably be more of
a light red, we don't want to do
anything neon for the pink....
We want it to be light & suttle
So let's find a pink!

A perfect pink for Valentine's is above red.
You might not want to use it for clothes, but
you can if you want! I like to use it for the 
makeup! So here:

This is a perfect pink for
this Valentine's day, it is
gorgeous and light!
When you make a valentine's outfit
it doesn't have to have these specific colors,
it can have any colors but you want
them to be light! You could do a light
blue and it would look great!

Now we have this.... Let's make an outfit
with these beautiful colors we found! :D

Remember... Red & White & Pink are the best!

Ok, I mixed red & White & pink together
and I found this cute outfit from last 
Valentine's day in Woozworld! (Not the whole outfit) x3
OK, it's not with the red right now but the pink & white
together looks really pretty!

It's a really cute outfit
for Valentine's!
The names of the clothing
Dress: Hannaful Dress
Skirt (Can't see it xD): Lace Pattern Skirt
Shoes: Wedge High Tops
Hair: Short Side Braid

Gorgeous for Valentine's! :)

Ok, and now... As I said... I am having series auditions! Here are instructions xD

1. Think of a character name & a personallity
2. Message me the Character & Personallity
3. Dress as you think the character would.
4. Take a picture of the outfit
5. Save it in an album called "Love Auditions"
6. Message me saying "Auditions" And I will check it!

                              Good luck to all! I'm working on my sign out pic! Almost done x3
AKA SparklesBowtiez :)