Monday, January 12, 2015

More Cute Outfits (Made With ZeChic Pieces, Too!) +NEWS!

Hello Woozens!

It's CaseyEpicSmiley. I had been messing around with a few items that I had gotten from ZeChic the other day, and WOW! I came up with a few cute outfits.

First, this one! I regret giving the dress such a low rate in my last post! This dress is just... WOW!
It goes great with the TrEND hair and heels, too! Definitely something to wear to a party, or formal event!

Secondly, this one! The Heart Sweater REALLY goes well with some Blue Whisper Tights, and some Plaidmas Socks, as well! The Bunny Hair (For Him, Of Course) really did wonders for topping the outfit off! Honestly, the male hairstyles in the ZeChic are more appealing than their female counterparts! c:

Third, we have this REALLY adorable outfit! It's casual, with a bit of a rebellious and classy feel to it. I know, I re-used the TrEND heels, but who wouldn't? xD

Fourth, we have this AMAZING beach/summer outfit! It's REALLY adorable, and of course, it's a hint at what the news is. I love it so much! It's so casual, yet classy! <3

Lastly... THIS OUTFIT! In my opinion, it's SO cute! The Panda Hat hair is like the icing on the cake! The whole outfit is SOOOO cute! The Tassle Boots are REALLY cool as well!

Now, for the news~!
I'm going to the USA for a week! I'm leaving on February 27th! I may not post in that week, though. ;_;

Anyway, thank you for reading!