Sunday, December 28, 2014

#YourFashion- Winter/ New Year Eve Party Outfits

HELLO BURSTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINISHED THE SIGN OFF PHOTO!! :D :D :D YAY! Lol (Sorry about my excitement XD). Today, I will be sharing a two outfits from you guys for new year's eve parties, special occasions, and winter. :D So let's get started ;)

This first outfit is for a party or special occasion and it is from ashlynforyou
This is perfect for a party because of the simple yet fancy dress. I love the belt and jewelry with the dress because it makes the dress more glamorous :D THE HAIR THOUGH!!!! It is like a wild ponytail with some earrings which is perfect for a party and then this outfit is finished off with some cute shoes.
Following is an outfit for winter from poptropicamaster
First of all, I love this unique color code which are like redish pink colors. This is perfect for a casual school winter day because of the cozy sweater with the backpack. I love those shoes because of the cut out in the front!!! Just perfect :D :D

Okay guys, that is all for today and sorry for the short post D: Also, Happy Early New Year's!!!!! :D NOW INTRODUCING MY SIGNOFF PHOTO FEATURING YOU GUYS ....  
(From left to right: Cutiexpiexgirl, Ungracious, berrycupcakes, silverstarA, OlayBeauty, BleatyStar-, and Poptropicamaster)