Saturday, December 27, 2014

Words hurt More than Actions..

Hey guys! Bleaty here.From the title you can probably guess what this topic is about.If you guessed bullying then you are 100% correct!! I was in woozworld.I walked into unitz...slowly...And there I saw,the Bullies.Bullying isn't good,and I want this to stop.Soon woozworld won't have many good woozens.Most of them will quit.This is 80% of why woozens quit.Bullying.The saying:Words hurt more than actions,is true.I should know cause,I do karate,and a kick in the shin,heals,but a kick in the heart,remains there forever.The Memories live.Please don't bully,even if someone's bullying you.Glitz may or may not be a bully,but if you start to say mean stuff,you'll be the bully.So I was looking for a "Good Unitz" To stay at,and I notice,that a Singles/Non Party has ALOT of woozens in it.There are about 150!! So I went over,and apparently,a boy is bullying LunaticSoul.BlueForever came and has it controlled.From one thing,this boy has made almost all the woozens to start bullying.Here are some pictures.                  

 Please don't bully.It hurts. if you see,others are now bullying.
Its like the saying,Monkey see money do xD.Everyone sees bullying so they do it too.The woozguides literally gave up.Bullies are powerful.The best thing to do if your getting bullied or someone else, is to:

1.)Ignore.Ignoring will make the person tired and they will get bored.2.)Stand up.Its nervous,but stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone.

3.)Get a group.Getting a big group,will make the person scared,and get hatted.

4.)Report/Contact Mods & Woozguides.I know most of you think they won't help,but mods will, and if you all report,the Woozband will believe you all.

Message me if this is happening to you :P I'd love to help.Literally.Anyways that's all for today about bullying.But before I go I want to say a quick quote about bullies.Bullies.Don't get caught with one.

Now,Bye guys! Until next time! Bleaty signing out