Friday, December 26, 2014

#FashionWithCutie: OUFITS

Hello, bursties! It's Cutiexpiexgirl. First I want to remind you that you guys can still send me some pictures for the sign off photo that will probably be coming on Sunday. Today, I will be showing you guys some outfits for a New Year's Eve Party on woozworld or for anything.... So, let's get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first outfit! I used this hair because it was a simple hairstyle, but perfect for a special occasion. I matched the tube top with the galaxy leggings because I just love the top :D :D :D lol Also, I matched these two together because I the design on the leggings are just fabulous and I think gives just a little more of a sophisticated look. To top it off, I used cute bow heels.

This hair was just so perfect and cute with the bow that I had to use it.. XD The top just reminded me of like a city girl for some reason and I loved the design inside. To give it more of a party look, I put on the spring party skirt because of the shine on it!!!! This outfit is probably the most sophisticated one out of all the outfits that I will show you today.

WELCOME BACK GALAXY LEGGINGS!!!!!!!! My favorite part about this outfit is the matching of the top and the leggings because I think the detailing on the arms for the shirt is perfect with the shiny belt and the amazing detailing on the leggings is JUST PERFECT TOGETHER. XD

Okay, this is probably the most girly outfit because of the dress. I absolutely love this hairstyle because of the curls with a cute shiny bow I mean like YAS! I love this dress because of the detailing on the top and the length of the dress is perfect. I paired this outfit with some flats just to finish it off!!!!

I hope you guys like these outfits :D :D Remember keep sending in those pics for the sign off photo! :) Going to sign off now, bye!!!