Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WARNING & Color Splash!

Hai bursters! :) Okay, so I don't know how many of you heard that the mods have unblocked EVERYTHING Besides, bad words (You can say some but, DON'T) So, my warning is that DO NOT SAY ANYTHING BAD! You will get an auto-ban, so please don't say anything bad just to protect yourself from auto-bans. People have been getting a suspension and stuff from saying bad words so please, watch what you're saying :)

Color Splashers: Okay, so color splashers in an event when I mix random colors together IN AN OUTFIT and see what I get :)! So why don't we start? ;)

1. Blue, Red, Yellow :)
This one is probably gonna
my favorite ;) PERSONALLY.

Shirt: Sleeve-cut waves
Pants: Galaxy Leggings
Shoes: Rock Queen Boots
Hair: Heartva Pigtails

Can't remember color codes D=

2. Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green! :)
This one is a bit goofy, but it is
still an outfit ;D

Shirt/Dress: PeterPan Collar Ballerina.
Pants: Sasha's Xpress It Bratz Tights.
Shoes: Punk Alter Ego Shoes.
Hair: Hannaful Hair
Color Codes;
Green: 00CF06.
Light Blue: 16F4E5.
Dark Blue: 0139A1
3. Orange, Mint, Bluish Green xD
This one is also really cute, I think ;)!
It's really unique.

Shirt: Prep School Jacket for HER
Skirt: Fashionista Alter Ego Skirt
Shoes: Gold Studded Heels
Hair: CrissyCross Side Braid
Color Codes;
Mint: 1CFC9C
Orange: FD7F47
Bluish Green: 00565F

Okay, that's all! Thanks, if you read this post xD. Also, just an FYI I will not post until Sunday. Those are the 2 days that I picked to post :)! And, I will be doing the Color Splashers every Tuesday :) It's really fun                                                          xD. Until next time Bursters!
AKA Sparkletheawsome