Tuesday, December 2, 2014

♥New Blogger!♥

Hey Bursties! I'm abi786, and I'm one of the new (trial) bloggers here! (I'm as honored as heck, like, you don't even know.) Seeing as this is my first post, I thought I'd do a little "facts about me" post, and I'll give you a few teasers of what my posts might be like.(;


  1. My name in real life is Aisha - but people (most often, these tend to be my family as well as friends) call me Ashe. (Prononuced Ar - she, yeah...)
  2. My hair colour in real life if actually brunette, although people ask me if my hair colour is black, since, cough, black hair is life in WoozWorld.
  3. I'm a Muslim; you've probably sussed that out, eh.
  4. I'm the youngest child - yeah, I'm the trouble-making brat, but also the maturest. Ha!
  5. I'm (currently) 12 years old - despite getting mistaken (height wise) for a younger child, or (grammatical wise) for an advanced older child - pooh.
  6. I've been playing WoozWorld for three years and ten months!
  7. I haven't got any brothers, but I've got two older sisters - one of them is 18 years old, and another is 14 years old. 
  8. A few of my YouTube inspirations/idiots/heros/favourites include: iiSuperwomanii, PewDiePie, CutiePieMarzia and ComedyShortsGames.
  9. I have a WattPad account in which I write, read, and give feedback on stories - be sure to follow me @ItzAbiOx / ♥PewDiePie Fangirl♥.
  10. My celebrity crushes are Danny Mac and Liam Hemsworth. 

I'll be posting stuff like advice, general updates, stories and much, much more!

Here's a taster of Abivice/ my advice column.

Your question

Hi Abi. I'm loosing my friends and I don't know why. Well, I do. It's because I'm so horrid and attractive. :( I don't like it. My best friend likes me, and I like him. My other best friend has a crush on him and she caught me and him kissing in school. She won't talk to me or pair up with me anymore. What shall I do?
From Kitty.


Fear not, Kitty. It's a common, complicated problem with a simple solution (kind of quoting Abundance of Katherines - John Green; off topic, but ya). Your friend feels a pang of betrayal, jealously and heartbreak - obviously, this is unintentional, but we cannot go back in time. Explain to your friend this situation - the connection between you and your other friend. Tell her that it was none-the-less than a silly mistake, but you were so indulged in to the moment to realize her emotions towards this. It's okay, Kitty, and if it ends up in tears, I know you're smart enough to sort it out. ♥ -Abi.

Now, probably what the ENTIRE POST was concluding to... a chapter of my brand new story / The Christmas Tree - A PewDiePie Fanfiction.

 I shuddered amongst the scraps of newspaper, my bottom feeling as though it was an ice block sitting on the icy snow that had been trudged on so many times, the snow was dirty brown with mud. I tried to make a bedding out of the Daily Mail newspaper scrapping surrounding me. They were obviously dunked in the bin this morning by wealthy business men walking past and had fell out. My attempts at making a duvet, let alone a bed, had failed. The newspaper was soggy and crumpled, therefore it managed to rip before I got a chance to try it out. The wind bit my cheeks harshly and fresh snow fell from the sky. I saw little children walking with their mothers and older children walking in clumps of friends, giggling and chatting, texting people and howling with laughter.
"Look Mummy, look!" said a little girl, no more that five years old, tugging on her mother's beautiful black coat. Oh how I longed for such luxuries!
"Come of it, Yvonne; ignore the poor beggar child. She was obviously abandoned by her parents! They didn't need an extra mouth to feed now, did they?" the woman said to her little daughter, looking at my pityingly. "Here, take a fiver and get some grub down you, you skinny little thing!" 
I tried hard to look grateful, but I couldn't help scowling. I snatched the five pound note from the floor clutched it tightly in case she pinched it back.
"My parents have not left me!" I snarled. Although, I had no idea what had happened to my parents. Just on Friday was I warm in my luxurious clothes that I had taken for granted, out shopping with my beloved mother. She had cuddled me and told me that I was not only her daughter, but her best friend and her most favourite girl in the world and that she will love me no matter how far we were. I realized she had tears in her eyes and assumed that she had just been overwhelmed with love and excitement.
"I shall forever stay by your side then, my beautiful mother," I had said, grinning at her, locking my hand and her hand together. I had heard her mutter "if only" but I thought it was only her saying "if only" to when I grew up and got married, left my mother and father. Wait. I didn't have a dad. Mum was my mother and father rolled in to one. 
I felt a stab of pain sitting under the snowy tree. I looked up, expecting it to looked thick with snow, but instead it was just a naked tree. The only naked tree. I rubbed my palm against the wood once the woman had gone.
"Oh, tree," I whispered. I found a pin on the floor and carved my initials in to the bark. It was my tree.

I awoke and felt myself in a cozy, warm bed. Had it only been a nightmare? No. It was... a flashback. Of what happened before I was taken in to care. It was so vivid. I exhaled. My cheeks were wet and salty tears. I gulped down the glass of water on my bedside table and switched on the lamp next to me. I opened up my book 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' by Suzanne Collins and tried hard to focus on reading. It wasn't that I disliked the book, or anything, for I adored it. I just couldn't concentrate. I saw that girl pointing from my dreams. I closed my eyes and saw her pointing again. But I wasn't focusing on her, or her posh mother, I was focusing on the woman behind them, her cheeks visibly licked with tears, her eyes locked on to mine with not pity, but love and desperation. She looked vaguely familiar.
I was brought back to the real world by the movement of my door handle.
"Oh, Delilah's crying for her mummy-wummy! They should've shoved you back up her womb," said the voice, cackling with laughter. Michalea Stewart. My deadly enemy.
"Yah, they should've shoved you back up her womb, you ugly wart face Erzevah!" said Emily Ford, somewhat of Michealea's duplicate.
"Please; I have no warts, okay? Get OUT of my bedroom!" I yelled.
"Oh, Jennifer's coming," said Michalea. "Quick, Em, pretend that she hit you!" 
"Oh, nice try," I snarled.
Emily fake-wailed. She was excellent at faking stuff. She howled and howled until Jennifer, my care-worker, came upstairs.
"Stop that STUPID wailing, Emily Ford!" said Jennifer entering my room.
Emily sniffed, "Delilah hit me!"
"Enough with this silly nonsense. I've got to have a private chat with Delilah. Now make yourself scarce. Delilah is in her bed!"
The scurried out of the room, scowling at me; I smiled victoriously.
"Delilah, there's a couple that might be interested in adopting you," smiled Jennifer.
"Really?! Oh, who?!" I pleaded.
"Felix Kjellberg and Marzia Bisognin. They've some job on YouTube."
I felt as though I were to faint. My two favourite YouTubers! Pews and Marzia! They wanted to adopt me!
"Yes!" I yelled, unable to contain the excitement fizzing up inside me.
(Part two available on WattPad). 

Well, that's all for now! Byeee; I love you all so much! -Abi. ox