Monday, December 8, 2014

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Hello beautiful people! x

I know it's not my posting day, but a promise is a promise and I always keep my promises! Anyway, today, I asked a few people what I should name 'Red Advice', and this wonderful girl came up to me and said, 'Radvice'. I think it sounds perfect, don't you as well? So, without further delays, lettuce start!

From: Carlywul

Well, at school everyone expects me to be the good person and I don't want to. Even my teacher threatened me if I do something bad like ditch school she'll make sure I'll get an F in every single class.

Hi Carly! I understand you. Some people just want to be.. careless, which (I must say) is not at all a bad thing. People do expect a lot from others, and I think that's why we get disappointed everyday. Sometimes, people can't help but expect you to be different. In this case, school is about education. It's not their fault they expect you to be a discipline student. I'm pretty sure your parents paid tons of money for you to be able to go to school, and ditching it is just a waste of money, you know. But threatening you with bad grades is just rubbish. They should at least accept your personality and who you are. My advice is, talk to your parents. If they don't listen, talk to your principal or some friends. They might be able to help you! x


From: FreegirlO4

Hey Red. I'm moving from my hometown to a whole different COUNTRY. All of my friends are in the United States but I'm moving to United Kingdom. I'll know nobody and I'll be the weird kid in the corner with an accent. Tell me what to do please? I'm so upset and confused.

Hello love.<3 I know you feel. When I was around 7, I moved to an Arabic country and people told me I had 'weird' hair since it was red. I got picked on because my British accent was different to their strong, Arab ones. Sometimes, being different is what you need. People from the UK are not that bad. I'm British and look at me! In a new school, I think the important thing overall is the first impression. On your first day, you should at least make an effort to be social. I'm sure someone will welcome you. We're not all rude. I promise! x


From: Berrycupcakes

Red I need ur help!! So for the past few months I've been hanging out with the "populars" they kinda just came to me and stuff . One of them is acting just like if she was my best friend or something, they've been asking me to do stuff with them the whole school year so far. My friends have started giving me dirty looks, spreading rumours and my best friend once came to me and said : " your trying to ditch us to get popular" when I wasn't even trying to be popular. I don't care about popularity! I need your help! I want to be friends with both groups but I do know what to do :(

I know exactly how you feel! Some of my old friends (on WoozWorld) tell me that I'm leaving them for 'better' and more 'popular' friends. In my opinion, that is untrue. True friends will still welcome you with open hands, despite the fact that you've gained some new ones. I think they're just jealous. Popularity is a big deal in this generation, it's ridiculous. Explain to them how you feel. Tell them that you're not at all into popularity. If I were you, I'd ignore the so-called 'friends' who've started giving me dirty looks and spreading rumors, because we all know 100% that true friends wouldn't do that! x


That's all for today! I figured adding the form now might make the blog post, like, real long, so I'm making it as a link. Click here to ask for advice! I might come back tomorrow with some more replies!

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