Sunday, December 7, 2014

New outfit ideas!

Hai bursterz! :) Today I am gonna post some awesome new outfits WITH the new outfits xD Confusing o-0 anyways, here are some cute outfits with the new outfits now in store. If you didn't know you can click here. These new outfits are fabulous! But not ONLY for winter! :) I have some other outfits with the winter outfits xD. Anyways, let's get to it! I will also be posting a magazine TypeForm at the end of this post so, if you LOVE fashion then just enter your User and I will message you. I will post the details at the end! Good luck! But right now I'm gonna show you 4 of the outfits :) P.S. I have some outfits that were inspired by some people so I will also say the woozen's name and also some of them only have the new hairs :)

1. The Wummer/Swinter xD
Inspired by: AmiYummi. <3

Hair: Comfymas Hair ♥
Shirt: Yonsle Tank
Pants: Kattitude Leggings
Shoes: Kattitude Heels

I love all of Amiyummi's outfits
they are just gorgeous!! :)

2. Bowmas SKIRT?
Inspired by: AmiYummi  <3

Hair: Bowmas Hair
Shirt: Bowmas Sweater
Pants: Sweetz Candy Skirt
Shoes: Bowmas Heels ♥

I love this outfit! This one is
the first one Ami was wearing.
Stay Fabulous! ☺

3. Let's just be casumas! ;)
Inspired by: Me xD

Hair: Casumas Hair in Scarf
Shirt: Casumas Coat
Pants/Tights: Vampirz Skirt and Stockings
Shoes: Style Me Up Mimi Boots

Fab-ness :) 

Don't know what to say except, #FAB! XD

4. Lazy Winter Day
Inspired by: Me ;o

Hair: Style Me Up Mimi Hair
Shirt: Comfymas Mini Yeti Sweater
Pants: Emilous Shorts
Shoes: Yeti Bomber Fur Boots

What a stylish winter this year! <3 

Okay now, like I said, I have a typeform and you need to answer the SIMPLE question. After you enter your woozen's name simply make an outfit (Winter or Christmas) and save it with the album named, "SPARKS! Magazine" :) Here is the typeform! :)

                                      Good luck everyone!!! :) This is Sparkle, Bursterz signing out ;)