Friday, December 12, 2014

New Woozguides for Woozworld

Hey guys! Bleaty here.Today I decided to post about the new Woozguides on Woozworld.So honestly,I am not disappointed I never got the spot,because mostly I was focusing on free times xD But yea,so Congratulations to....Ems37 !!

I honestly think Ems is perfect for this job.I'm in queue,and she's just so happy and confident.I believe in her that she will do her job.She's not the kind of girl that gives up.I'm very glad to announce our newest Woozguide member, Ems37!

Onto our next Woozguide...Introducing....BlueForever!

Blue,is a great,friend of mine.Sadly,she removed me because of her fame now and stuff but yeah.So Blue, has a VERY Sweet & Generous heart.When I got hacked,in July,she offered me some clothes,I'm pretty sure.I believe she will do her job,and I have trust in her.I'm very glad to announce our also,newest Woozguide member, BlueForever!

Lastly,we have....-East-!!
 -East-, is very,let's say Unique.East is Sweet,Generous,Smiling,And out of this world fun! I'm hoping to have a great time with her,as well as the other Woozguides.I'm glad to announce our last,but important,Woozguide member,-East-!

Well then,That's all you really need to know,Jenny said that there will be new Woozguides soon,so don't get your hopes down and start doing the Courteous Way! Bleaty signing out ;o Until next time Amigos!