Friday, December 12, 2014

#FashionWithCutie- Woomas Sweaters& Pladimas Outfit

HEY GUYS! :D We are going to be looking into the woozmas sweaters and the new pladimas outfit! You might be like, "WHAT? NEW WOOZMAS SWEATERS?". XD Yes, there are new woozmas sweaters!!!!!
So, let's jump on to the woozmas sweaters....
These sweaters are fabulous to me because I see this sweaters worn in real life!! I just love when what you see in woozworld is in real life. The patterned sweater with the reindeer in the pattern, I think is a classic that I see every year in stores and finally in woozworld! Like YAS! XD
I am in love with the hair! I love how the bow is a headband that is knit because a knit headband just makes me think about winter for some reason.. XD Anyways, I also love how the hair flows out from the hairband! Plaid=Comfy. There have been plaid shirts in woozworld, but never a plaid dress, so I think this was a nice twist for plaid. You can't see the bottoms, but they are plaid shorts that I think are cute, but remind me of the "cute shorts" that were already created. The feet are socks which I don't love, but it is nice........

Anyways, what outfit do you guys like? :D I have to go now, bye!!!! NEW SIGN OFF PHOTO ON SUNDAY (Sorry D:)