Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas and Winter Spirit!!!

C; CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!! WINTER IS COMING!!! XD Hey, guys! The Christmas and winter spirit is coming into Woozworld! :D Some of the examples of the winter spirit in woozworld is the new outfits, holiday advent calendar, and THE WOOZMAS SPIRIT METER!
The woozmas spirit meter measures our woozmas spirit by seeing how much spirit we put into out trees! We are close to 50% and once we are at 100%, we get a gift! Like what? XD It says that on the bottom of the pic above :).

How is your winter spirit in real?
One way that I just LOVE doing during the winter or near winter is having some holiday drinks/ treats.
Let's see some of those holiday drinks/ treats:
1. Gingerbread Cookies :D
2. Chocolate Chip Cookies with Milk! I sometimes dip my cookies in the milk xD It tastes so good! (especially if your cookies are nice and warm)
3. Hot Chocolate, of course! I love my hot chocolate with marshmallows C;

Another way to get to the winter/ Christmas spirit is setting up  the Christmas tree!!!
I LOVE DOING THIS!! What do you guys put on your Christmas trees?
I usually put on:
1. Bows
2. Candy Canes
4. Ornaments
5. Fake snowflakes
6. Stockings (for some extra gifts XD lol)
7. and... THE STAR!!!!!!!!

Other ways to get in winter/ Christmas spirit:
1. Making snowmans
2. Making Snowangels
3. Singing winter/ Christmas songs even though I am not that good XD

Hope you guys get into the Christmas and winter spirit in real and in woozworld! :D Bye guys! (Btw: I will probably be making a new signoff photo every week)