Monday, December 1, 2014

New Trial Blogger

Hey guys!
Im a new blogger on "trial"…
Let me tell somethings about me:

my real name is Lola, others call me Lo
I'm 12 years old
My woozworld (and now blogging name) is shugarlipskate, i know the shugar part is spelled wrong (supposed to be sugar) but what ever, typos happen right?
i have a youtube with my friend called Loading Our Life
My hair In real is short on one side and long in the other
I've been on woozworld since 2009 - yay! -
This is my favorite woozworld blog, of course
I have 3 color schemes;
-sky blue and baby pink
-red and gray/black
-purple and black

I don't have a specific  thing to blog about (i have some in mind) but if you have any you really want me to do, or you think i would be good at, message me on woozworld!
Thank You PinkLover and other founders for letting me do this…

this is skate signing out!