Saturday, December 13, 2014

♥Mya's Fashion Assistant!♥

Ayee Bursties!

Abi here! And this post is all about: Mya's new Fashion Assistant!
Yup, that's right! You forgot all about WNTM, but Mya hit us with a meet-and-greet today. 

Her assistant is: AnaRoseVictoria.

Personal opinion: Ana totally deserved it! I saw her collecting a lot and I spoke to her - she was extremely friendly and excited. She even wished me good luck, although I was like... the 2054th top person. Or lowest person... ANYWHO'S... she's awesome. Mya's taken some (fab) selfies with our new Fashion Princess - let's check 'em out! x

Cutiess. xx

I hope you guys have been enjoying my posts! This post was created like.. really quickly while I was getting ready for a birthday party. Also, this is my FINAL trial-blogger post. I hope I pass! xx
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-Abi786. xx