Saturday, December 13, 2014

Woozen Quests Ice-skates + Last post as trial blogger

Hey guys! Bleaty here for the last time. :C Sad,yes.Before I move onto my actual post, I want to Thank all of you,for making me feel Welcomed & Excited to post,every time I came!This blog is truly Spectacular!I recommend applying for blogger.As you know,life can't go on forever,so I hope I make it for WoozworldBurst.Anyways,back to the post.I was at Woozen Quests and I saw this:

So I saw Glitz7.And if you noticed,she has Ice-Skates.So I'm thinking,"How is everyone getting ice-skates?!I need some!"
So I asked a kind woozen how to get them.Here are the steps to get these FABULOUS ice skates :D:

1) Go to Woozen Quests(Note:There will be a big queue)


2)Go onto the Ice once your in.

3) If your a Boy You get hockey skates,and Girls,get Figure skates.(NOTE: You DONT keep them.They only work on the ice.Also,the color of your shoes is the color of your skates & you can change the                                                       colors by simply changing shoes xD.)

Well,I guess this was my last,post.WoozworldBurst,is truly,an amazing blog.I thank Penny & Pinki,For choosing me.I enjoyed everything from my first post to my last.This is a memory that will never,be forgotten.I never knew,what I was cable of xD.Before I sign out,I'm gonna put a quote,like I did with my first post."The only way to achieve your goal,is to be your goal."Wish me luck! xOxO -Bleaty,signing out for the last time :):(