Thursday, December 4, 2014

KidzWorld Visiting WoozWorld..?

Hey lovely Bursties!

I am very cheerful today, because we're getting into the Christmas spirit and everyone's all snuggled up with hot chocolate, and people are starting to put their Christmas trees up, and they're starting to buy Christmas presents (I'll only receive band merchandise/tickets or books. Nothing else c;). From today until the end of winter I might just post hearts everywhere because I love winter. The season of Home Alone and Christmas songs! But of course, the Christmas break is the most important bit. I mean, imagine having Christmas on a school day... Thanks, but no thanks!

Okay, enough about that. Let's get straight to our main point. KidzWorld is apparently visiting WoozWorld. I'm not going to rant, but (here it goes...) I think it's a very thoughtful idea of them to let other virtual games visit us, because maybe it will make some people try KidzWorld out and they'll get addicted like we all did with WoozWorld.

What is KidzWorld? Kidzworld is a safe Social Network and Online Magazine for kids and teens. Kidzworld is all about self-expression; encouraging users to express themselves through their profiles, blogs, stories and poetry. From chat rooms to forums, do-it-yourself profiles, even homework help (yay)! With Kidzworld, you can express yourself and learn – all while making new friends from all around the world!

Before I end this, I just got a form reply for my advice system I'm doing, saying inappropriate things. That actually made me laugh, because guess what? You're wasting your time saying these things to me. So whoever you are out there, keep sending me those things if that's what you want, but news flash: I don't care :)

Speaking of my advice system, I fixed up the mistakes and I put up a new theme! Yay!

That's it for now. Until Saturday, perfects!

(New sign-off as soon as possible, just a little lazy. We all have those days!)