Thursday, December 4, 2014


Hey Bursties!☃

It's abi786 here! I don't think anyone has posted about WoozWorld's Advent Calender yet, so I'll just let you know about a little something-something. x So, the main idea of this is to be "encouraging you all to spread some holiday cheer by helping each other unlock your daily gifts."

So, I messaged some reliable sources/ Woozens and asked for their opinion on the Advent Calender:

"The advent chest is awesome. It's a nice way to communicate with other Woozens, but it's annoying when you can't find someone who has the key you need!"

"I wish they just gave us a normal calender. They did one year. It was better. We got cool gifts. Not... yetis. o_O"

"It's a generous gift. I'm happy that it's until New Years Eve. Yay! More prezzies. xD"

"It's okay."

Okay, so that's their opinion, what's your opinion?! x 

My Opinion:
It's great. It's an sound effort for each Woozen to communicate to one another. It's seriously cool. Je l'aime. x

 Seriously though, I need to get cracking on this new picture asap.