Sunday, December 7, 2014

Im back + Winter fashion advice!

Hey everyone!
Its caraxhi here and i havent been on for a couple of months, Ive been busy with school but its no reason for not posting so im sorry i havent been on and if im being kicked from the blog i can completely understand :) Anways to help everyone who wants a style me up outfit for free go to this link the style me up website and woozworld are giving them to people who create new accounts! So get on while you can ;) And before i sign of, im going to talk about the new fabulous new outfits. Woozworld have put a lot of effort into these ones as a lot of us were complaining as we thought they were just copying old items but look at the new ones! How cute are they? And ive got some winter fashion advice for you ;)
Outfit 1
For this outfit i have some cute boots and white knee socks. A comfy jumper that compliments the skirt. This outfit was inspired by woozworld celebrity Mya wooz. This is a winter outfit
that even Mya wooz would be proud of.
Outfit 2
Next we have outfit number 2, this winter outfit is for cuddling on the sofa avoiding the cold wonderland outside and whats this, this outfit was actually inspired by woozworlds very own sweetheart Jenny wooz. We have a overgrown jumper, simple leggings, some comfy ug boots and a beanie to top it of.
Outfit 3
Finally we have outfit number 3 that was modelled by woozworlds next top model winner anarosevictoria. This outfit is for playing snowball fights with you friends or even stopping for a cup of hot chocolate by the ice rink. We have a very cosy hood, a cute comfy coat, skinny jeans and some fashionable combat boots.

Thats all i have for you guys today but  i hope you find my fashion advice to some use x