Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why Say That?

Hi guys!
its skate here…
I know its not my day to post buttttt:
i noticed a comment on the burst chat box, it says:
 HI woozworldburst. This is the worst site ever. You have no talented designers. Your theme for every month is like so poor so look at woozapolza its a site where people take effort. Woozworldbust. You guys tokk like a month to make a new theme and its so poorly make i could make that theme in 5 minutes golly gosh you guys!
well…. i just want to say, yes it was rude… and who ever you are, (even though I'm a trial blogger and not official), your wrong, this is an amazing blog, its SO cool… so :)

Bye Bye Bursties! BBB