Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to get free rares!

Hey guys!Bleaty here.Today I will be talking to get free rares :D So I was looking for a place with bullying (Planning to be woozguide) And in hot now, I saw unitz with fashionista rocker,pixel,Ms.romance.(ETC) Here's what you gotta do to get these fantabulous stuff!

1.) Make a new account(Note: You have to make several accounts to get to the unitz.)

2.) Get to the tutorial unitz like this(Note: The Venice & Winter tutorial won't work):


3.)Open up the shopz after Mya's done talking.


4.) Pick an item you desire :D (Note:The stuff for vip's are transferable.The others,aren't.)


This only works once so you'll be making 100 accounts to get more items xD I think you should do this right now,cause half of the items are sold out.They aren't transferable now but I bet they'll make them transferable again soon so don't worry.We can just protest xDAnyways,you can buy vip and get the vip items.This is 100% free from hacking.Some people are selling the Vip stuff so don't miss out on that!Before I leave,make sure to get in your photos for the contest soon! :D (Bloggers can join too!) I so far have 3 people '.' I'm making progress D:!! Anyways,that's all for today Bursties. Adios amigos! Bleaty signing out