Sunday, December 21, 2014

Want to be in my Signoff Photo?

HEY BURSTIES!!!!!! It's Cutiepiexgirl and it is so close to Christmas ;o Tbh I think the past few months have gone quickly.... anyone else feel like that? o-0 Anyways, so do you guys want to appear in my signoff photo? So, for my next week signoff photo I want to go big cause it is almost Christmas and New Year's. So I was thinking that you guys can be in my signoff photo!!!!!!! :D

How to submit your entries to be in my signoff photo:

1) Take at least one picture with a SOLID BACKGROUND!!!! This means that there is only one color in the background and no furniture shown in the picture. NONE AT ALL. If you do not have a solid background/ no items in the background, I will not use your photo. I need the background to be solid with no items in the background.  You can also do any movez you want to do.You can take as many pictures as you want and I recommend doing more than one photo with different movez, so I can pick which will work best for the signoff photo.
2) Put the picture in an album
3) Message me that you finished your picture(s) and tell me which album it is in.

If there is a problem with the photo, I will try to message you, so that you can fix it :D I really hope you guys contribute and I will put all of the photos that meet the requirements in the sign off photo. But if I can't fit all of them, I might make a couple of signoff photos. I also will give a shout out that you were in the sign off photo :) So, PLEASE SEND IN THOSE PHOTOS LIKE NOW (If you can...)_xD.

Example of solid background:
This is a solid background because it is only one color and there are no items in the background. This picture would first the requirements.

Okay, see you guys next time and I hope I will have that signoff photo with all of you guys in it! :D