Saturday, December 6, 2014

NEWS: Max isn't the cause of the Break Up?!?

Hey guys! Bleaty here. :D Today I was looking through my friends "friends lists", and I clicked MaxWooz.I noticed on his status it showed this:

Zeena is actually the cause of Jenny and Max's BreakUp?!? I always enjoy a good mystery and this one is the best one yet!The question still remains,How did she do it? If you noticed it said on WoozWeekly that Max was actually working on a Cactus Farm.I'm guessing that his so call "Inner circle" friend must of forget the slightest information or WoozWeekly.There are still many questions out there.Personally,I want to know if their gonna get back together,because they were such a good couple x(.All we can do now is hope for more inner News about the break up,and hope Jenny & Max will get back together :)(BTW: I'm trying NOT to gossip O_O I hope i'm not and if I am Message me on WoozWorld ASAP!)

Well that's all for today Bursties!Untill next time! :O (Friday-Cough-) Bleaty signing out!