Friday, December 26, 2014

Photo conest Winners :Round 2

Hey guys! Bleaty here :D.Before I begin, I want to thank everyone for entering!The pictures were truly Spectacular!So now,onto the winners.Congratulations too....

1.) Xywtoh
2.) QueenRosie1
9.) Woozen3....
10.) Matt1129
12.) Koalaforever
14.) OlayBeauty
15.) ejmeto-backup
17.)Doodlydoogam and..
18.) beatystaripu

Congratulations for making it to round 2!! I know I said 20 winners,but some of my winners couldn't be here for round 2&3,so I ended up with 18 people.These numbers aren't in order,but I'll show you the pictures for Winner 1.

In first place,I chose.....Senpai!! :)Her picture is amazingly spectacular!

So for everyone in round 2,your new theme is,The New Years!I'm marking you on the same rubric,although this time,you have to give me your New Year's revolution xD.If you don't have one,then atleast give me a great quote,for the new years.You put it in an albumz called:Bleat y round 2 New Years contest.If that wont fit,then put Bleat y round 2 contest.You need a NewYear's background, outfit,and creativity.The deadline is January 2nd,so in 1 week.Message me for further questions.Message me if you are a winner,and make sure to message me you entered.Now before I go,I was at the LoganWooz visit unitz,and a kind woozen got Logan to say the blog's name! :DWell then,I might be posting late,or really really early tomorrow,because my cousin has her engagement tomorrow.There will be like so much candy!! omg!If I could save you guys some,I would.So bye guys! Until next time!