Friday, December 5, 2014


Hey, burties!!! It is your zealous blogger, Cutiexpiexgirl! ;) XD They released the new winter outfits and I am in love with them <3 So, let's get started!!!
OUTFIT: The Comfymas Experience
From the title, obviously this outfit is basically for the casual and comfort days! Casual and comfort days is like my everyday XD jk. Though, I really do love just to be casual and comfortable, yet stylish clothes!
Hair: I love this hair because of that beanie. XDD This hair looks similar to the large fall cap design, but there changes that seperates it. I really love the beanie though XD
Score: 8/10
Top: It is a long sweater with a yeti on it. This sweater kind of reminds me of the mya's tiger sweater, except this one looks more casual, longer, and the shape of it is different. I kind of want a bit more of design, but still pretty good. 
Score: 8/10
Bottoms: Polka dot leggings I think C; This is just basically the combination of stylish+basic+comfort XD Love it!
Score: 8/10
Shoes: Boots with socks! :) Love that!!! It is a trendy style that I just love and it the socks are a perfect touch for a comfort factor.
Score: 8/10
OUTFIT: The Bowmas Experience
This is my favorite outfit out of all of them :D
Hair: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how the bangs are put with the ponytail that gives like a fashionista look in my opinion. This hairstyle is a ponytail with nice touches to make it different from a regular ponytail.
Score: 9/10
Top: This is my favorite piece! The top is like a knit sweater that I always wanted in woozworld because I love them in real! The addition of the scarf just makes the outfit look so much more cozy!
Skirt: I actually like how the skirt is put at a high waist, so that it goes with the top well. This skirt is great for a peppy look, party look, and basically an anything look. XD This skirt does kind of remind me of the Bowtea skirt though.
Score 9/10
Feet: Detailing on the boots is the fur <3 Love it
OVERALL SCORE: 10 Together it is just perfect!
OUTFIT: The Casumas Experience
Hair: I love the curly hair with the hood :) It kind of reminds me of the bunny hood hair, but it is pretty different. Anyways, AMAZING HAIR! It is just so cute!
Torso: The jacket is perfect for winter!! I kind of don't like the design for the jacket with it being a bit too long and having the bottom puff out.
Legs: Pretty simple legs, but perfect for this outfit
Shoes: Simple and cute!
OUTFIT: The Coolimas
Hair: BEANIES YES!!!!!!!! I like how the beanie is draped a little bit at the end of the beanie
Score: 8/10
Top: I like the sweater with it's simplicity. The vest has the golden buttons that I don't like as much....
Score: 7/10
Bottoms: This is pretty much the simple jeans, but it is pretty much what is worn in winter. So it is accurate..
Score: 7/10
Shoes: Nice detailing on the shoes. Casual nice sneakers :3
Score 8/10
Okay, so for this review I wasn't that harsh when giving the lowest as a 7. All of these outfits were pretty good! Keep it up, fashion design team! I do want some more very new designs, though! Bye guys, see you next time!