Friday, December 5, 2014

Decisions Decisions

 Hey Bursties! hows your weekend!
Don't You guys just LOVE woozmas?!?!?!
well if you do read on… if not (lol) still keep reading.
Woozmas is one of my favorite things woozworld does. Its the time of year where you can virtually decorate a tree! xD

I honestly think my should be able to do a giant Secret Santa thing on ww…


I've figured out what i will be posting about!
i will post about:
-(not gossip) but things going on in woozworld
-and interviews with woozens (active woozens who do things all around woozworld)
i also have a new sign out/off:
- Bye Bye Bursties! (BBB)
Then theres my sign out/off Picture

(made with pic monkey)

I will have a new sign off picture every Month…
And yes i know, my posts aren't really long like usual bloggers on this blog…. 
buttttttt i will post longer next week; its just that i didn't really know what to post about (now i do) :) so yea!

Also Im having a holiday party so please come!

the party is December 13 (2014), 5:00 WoozTime, at my units called Holiday Party

Bye Bye Bursties! (BBB)