Friday, December 5, 2014

Did ya miss me?

Hey bursties CAM here! 

Today I will be talking about my NEW RETURN! ok so you may be like "I am over Cam he sucks" YES I UNDERSTAND but i want to explain to you all that i was depressed and in the hospital and had to get my mind straight BUT I AM BACK! 

So i want to do some SHOPZ outfit fashion tips for Winter


Adventurer Wool Coat
I Believe this is hip and its cheap! i have this and wear it all the time and its appropiate for me styl e and it compliments my AMAZING hair - Compliments to WW. Overall 10/10

Pullover Sweater and Vest 
OH EMM GEE as JennyWooz would say x) I do not see why us woozens do not shop on shopz the clothing is AMAZING and this Pullover Sweater and Vest . Overall 8/10

Jenny's Kitty Sweater
(I had to model myself) But I were a girl I would totally rock this outfit and "Werk" it and I would strut my stuff with that little kitty. Overall 9/10

Patterned Shirt with Blazer
This duo is amazing and it just has many patterns in which makes this outfit all-the-more better to "Rock" it but i believe anyone can rock this even you! Overall 7/10

So Bursties i am back and here to Stay so I hope you have an amazing time decoration your Unitz "Christmas Themed" and Decorating your houses this weekend!

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo