Friday, December 5, 2014

♥ Woozmas Spirit Meter ♥ + Culprit found!

Hey guys! Bleaty here :D I'm totally in the Christmas spirit!Ok so now onto topic,I'm going to be talking about the "Spirit Meter".But first,I'm happy to announce that the woozen who was posing as Penny and Lauren,Is FOUND! Yes you heard me right!I will not be saying who it was,but here is her picture:
Mods have deleted the website by contacting Yola.They also banned her I'm pretty sure. Anyways,I'm glad everyone's safe,including Penny.So,back to the Spirit Meter.Its this:

                                                                     So when you log on go to the right,and you'll see this.

When you click it it should look like this:

So it's like Christmas spirit by decorating trees! :D When we raise the meter everyone gets a gift when you work together.It's nice to be together,bringing that Christmas joy!:)
I'm guessing Woozworld wants to see if we got that Christmas feeling.Even though i'm not supposed to celebrate it,It's nice getting together with good people :D
Anyways that's mostly it about this "Spirit Meter". Incase you didn't,ahem,Comprehend that,i'll quickly summarize this:
You get a tree.You get decorations.You decorate,the tree.You fill the "Spirit Meter" and were all happy :D Ok? Ok. I'm sorry my post is soo late,Family issues u-u
So anyways bye now! :)