Sunday, November 9, 2014

Woozworld Next Top Model Outfit!

Hey bursties CAM here and today i will be talking about
Not bomb dot com.
Woozworld if you are seeing this might want to go. But i will have my talk about the new Woozworld Next Top Model Girl Outfit.

This outfit is horrifying ... I think it honestly needs to stop having the Tu-Tu its not the best. Not to mention the hair it lookalike like something from shopz i think Woozworld should have not had the Tu-Tu and also look at the hair its too think i honestly think everything on this should have been deleted and gone because none of this is not well thought of and I honestly think Woozworld "Winged" it. It makes me irritated because Woozworld is disappointing me right now with what they are releasing but this is just myopinion but please take this poll so i can see what you think about this outfit (Bottom Of Screen)

Also! if you would like to be my fashionista of the week click the picture below
Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo

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