Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winter Fashion: For Girls & Boys

       Hey guys! It's Miablove here (First time posting on WoozWorld Burst). Being that there is so much Fashion things that are coming up on Woozworld latley, I wanted to talk about some new styles for the winter season that is coming up! I would have to say that winter fashion is always my favorite to plan out. So for my First Outfit (A girls outfit) I war a pear of Ice Blockz which made my body turn blue, a pair of shorts so you couldn't see them under my sweater, a Woozmas sweater in its original colors, and the Emilous Hair! 

       For this second look (A boys outfit)  I tried to go for something... more simple. The things that I wore were Calebic Shoes, Adventurer Jeans, Tribal-Patterned Hoodie, And for the hair I had Hipster Knit Cap & Glasses. Now I felt like this was something that people have worn in the past so I added different types of colors in it, And I recommend that you do the same to make it original, and your own :)

Now for this last look (A girls outfit) I made more of a basic/casual look for most girl Woozens during winter time because I have seen quite a few Woozens wear this type of outfit before. I used Yeti Boots for my shoes, Summer Capris for my bottoms, Candy Cane Winter Tunic for my top, And Last but not least, Pool Party Headband for my hair. 

        Now of course you can spice these outfits up a little bit and add your own since of style into them because that is the best part! :D These were just to give you some ideas for some winter looks. Hope This Helped You C:  UNTIL NEXT TIME. ~Miablove