Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hacking On Woozworld's Next Top Model LeaderBoard

XxxLoveForeverxx here, I want to talk about HACKING going on in Woozworld. Hacking can get you ARRESTED. It is really rude to do. On the Leaderboard a woozen is hacking, the woozens name
Is CoolManPoolMan.
There is NO way you can have 40.29M FANZ yet. It will be unfair if he wins. He is even hacking Relationships
I don't think Mods and special visitors send Woozens relationship request.

I think everyone should report CoolManPoolMan. He shouldn't win, if he does so help me I will be so done with Woozworld. He should be banned or kicked out the Leaderboard. That is all I have for now. I will update more later. Byeee Woozens. -XxxLoveForeverxx
I made a video about it too: