Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ever After Thronecoming Unitz/FIFTH POST!!!

I AM BACK FOR MY FIFTH POST!! :O It feels like it was just yesterday when I was posting my first one..... Time really does fly by when you are having fun C; So today, I will be judging two of my favorite unitz that is related to the ever after Thronecoming!
The first one is made by Resolute! I also want to say congratulations to winning the star of the week today!

I love this unitz!!!!!!!!! In one corner/section, there are tables set up which is set up so elegantly! There are fancy chandeliers above it that makes it so romantic! The chairs/sofas in one corner remind me of Lizzie Heart because of red (Lizzie wears red and black and white) and the heart. There is also a heart garden with a sofa underneath which is perfect because it has roses and flowers right next to it. My favorite part about this unitz is how there is a light that hits the two chairs and makes them gleam. It also looks like the light is coming from the mirror (the light is coming from concert lights) which is a great idea! I love the background because in the ever after show there seems to be a "forest" with roses and tree like the one in the background.
Going to the next unitz from Crystal-Glow

RED!!!! The colors are mainly red and white which is a great idea since the person who is representing the royals in woo woozworld is Lizzie Hearts who wears red, black, and white. Also I think the color red give it a romantic feeling. I love how the owner put a sofa under the throne. The runway is nice to because if you would think about it, it is likely to have a carpet leading to a throne in  a castle (or at least that is how it is in cartoons XD). There are also a few crowns displayed which is great! Overall, amazing job!

These are just two ever after high unitz that I saw and there are definitely others that are beautiful as well! Are you going to make one? C; Before I sign off, I just want to say thank you woozworld burst for giving me an opportunity to post about fashion and events in woozworld. This experience truly has been amazing and I hope I can continue it. Bye!!!!! By the way, what do you guys think of the new sign off photo, best one you seen ever right? lol jk! I do like how it came out though... Anways bye again... XD