Friday, November 28, 2014

♥ Official WoozworldBurst Trial Blogger! :D ♥

Hai Bursties from woozworld! I am now a new blogger,Bleatystar-, for WoozworldBurst.To let you guys know about me,I will be posting the usual,an introducing post.So here are a couple things about me that you should be very WARNED about.Here I go :

1. I absolutely LOVE Blue,and if you steal it you  will   be   SORRY.

2.I have gotten hacked 2 times on Woozworld. :( Sad yes.

3. I am funny :D!! least I think ..O.0

4.I Love the Legend Of Zelda games :) Memories I tell ya...Memories.

5.I am smart,kind,loving.caring,helpful and mostly out of this world, WEIRD.


6. I have posted before on a different blog,..but I quit cause no one was even reading it '-'

ThankYOU For reading this,Thank you Penny and Pinki for letting me be a trial blogger,And before i go,Never let anyone take you down cause where ever you are, God will be there,so you are B-YOU Tiful and Unique Bleaty signing out for the first time.