Friday, November 28, 2014

New trial blogger :)

Hello bursties! I am a new trial blogger, Sparkle  :D. This is just me intruducing myself :) So let's get started sha'll we? ;D So let's start with some hobbies of mine :)

- Editing. I love to edit for myself and others, message me on Woozworld for a free edit if you'd like :)
- Fashion. I love fashion! I love to make outfits for people or, just myself. I will be posting a trick to get the perfect color code off of someone, later :3
- NewZ. I look at latest newZ on woozworld and I'll share it if someone didn't know yet. I will also make my own NewZ too!
- Unitz Designing. OFC, like I was saying, I will make stuff for people if you'd like, or I make it for me :). I make Houses, Parties, Living Rooms, Kitchens, Any Kind of House rooms, ECT
- Videos/Intros. I make intros and videos. I make movies and series! I make Wrong Turn (New series) I post new episodes when I can. :) I make intros for people and me, I make Horror, Drama, Comedy, Normal and Romance.
- Music. I Love to make music or find music for people and me. I find it on a website and sound effects, and all that xD.
- ContestZ. I make fun contestZ. I make episode contestZ, like,  I make a contest for who makes the best episode idea. If you win, you get to be in the episode :).

Whatever you need, I'm your girl!! :D Just message me on Woozworld, Sparkletheawsome (No E in awesome) :-) Have a good time on Woozworld and stay safe guys!!!

                                                                 BYEEEEEEE :).
-SparklesBowtiez :)

     ❄ Christmas!!! :D