Friday, November 28, 2014


Hey guys!!!! First of all, I want to say sorry for posting so late and having this post to be a bit short. Anyways, today is BLACK FRIDAY!!! Did you guys go shopping? XD Malls were really crowded today.... okay, for woozworld, they had a sale where you can twice the amount of the outfits that you would normally get. Also, for wooz, it is a 35% off sale with a hairstyle. So, that is the black friday sale on woozworld!

WOOWORLD IDEAS: I kind of wish they would make a sale where you could buy any 2 outfits created. Like some outfits that we really like or are really rare. I mean I would be so excited if they resold some items. Another idea is have one day every year to recolor our items. Why? So, that we are able to change our color codes if we want to. Also, I have clothes that aren't colorable and not my color code...... so I want to be able to have a recoloring of our items for at least a day. Do you have any woozworld ideas? If so message me on woozworld and if you want, I will talk about YOUR IDEA!!!!!

Okay signing off bye!!! -working on a new sign off photo-