Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Winter Outfits

Hey bursties its CAM and today I am talking about MY WINTER OUTFITS yay.... no... OK
So lets get started.

(Pink is manly)

This is one of my favorites out of billions due to me having the fabulaws pink WOOZMAS CARDIGAN and it makes the outfit "POP" out of its little shell which doesn't exist and also this outfit is pretty cheap and easy to find this outfit features.
  • Woozmas cardigan
  • Sparkwer pants (I FORGOT THE NAME SORRY)
  • Promic Hair 
  • Woozmas boots 
(Purple Nurple)
This outfit is just very glowy and it makes the tone for if you were to be in a unit with a theme or something and you would be the diversity in it and also this outfit is original also this outfit has the following clothing items.
  • Woozmas Sweater
  • Preppy shorts
  • Old Slippers
  • Side Shaved Spikes
(Blacky is not Tacky)

 To conclude this outfit is just stellar for me atleast it flows and i love it and i like how it is nutrual and it does not over power one another no the mention it has  the best colors and this outfit has the following
  • Woozmas Sweater
  • Stylish pants
  • Woozmas boots
  • Tobysome hair

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo