Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hello bursties!!! It's Cutiexpiexgirl C; Okay, so when I logged into woozworld I found a place called Romance Café and it had a lot of people... I was like I wonder why so many people are there. Then some people said free stuff is there and I was thinking :O CUTIEXPIEXGIRL GO THERE NOW BEFORE IT GETS TOO CROWDED!! XD Anyways, so there is free stuff there and I am thinking it is meant for our treat for Halloween because there is a chest there that is labeled Treat XD
There it is! The arrow is pointing to the chest. Anyways FREE STUFF! Yay! XD So it isn't rares and I think some people get different stuff, but it is free! Lol I got two hairs and a piece of furniture :) Also, they are colorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you woozworld for giving us some free stuff! So hurry and get down there!! It is starting to get crowded. Hope you guys get amazing stuff :D
Bye guys, see you next time! *Cutiexpiexgirl*