Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween & Woozworld Fashion

              HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went trick or treating today which pretty much equals CANDY FOR TONIGHT AND TOMORROW (If I still have enough candy for tomorrow and don't eat it all tonight lol XD) C; Hope you guys had fun today! So, today was fashion Friday, but I am not going to be talking about that. Last Star of the Week, I was in the queue and I picked out two outfits that I just loved!! One was a Halloween costume and another had items from the Halloween collection, but it could be used daily! So.... let's get to it!
Okay, so as you can see this woozen is named loveya---. Her hat is from the candy sweetz collection. I love the face!!!!!! It just brings like a Halloween feel to it. There are like embellishments on the coat that just looks amazing. The droidful legs have a great detailing with one side up and another down! The shoes.......... to me it looks like there is a skeleton in one of the shoes which I think is cool XD I think the whole outfit just comes together amazingly and not to mention the color code!!! A lovely green somewhat close to mint green color. Good job to loveya---
The color code is first. A lavender color which I love C; Okay so the hair is from the new Halloween collection and I like how the designers of this costume made the hair, so that you can use daily! The sweater is probably one of my favorite tops that woozworld has created because of it is so simple yet the little design on it is beautiful. It is also a design you se a lot in real life. The boots are another one from the Halloween collection and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! I always think sweaters go great with boots and these are high tops, so they go amazing with the sweater too!!!! When I saw this outfit, I was like :O :O :O I wish I had thought of that.... XD So give it up for Caitlyn-cait's amazing outfit!

Anways, hope you guys liked seeing some of the fashion around woozworld that somewhat involved with Halloween fashion. Also, I hope you get inspired from these two outfits and create your own unique and beautiful outfits! One more time, give a hand to both Caitlyn-cait and loveya---! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!! Talk to you guys next time!! (Fridays&Sundays)