Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is Merry Woozmas coming by fast?

Hello my readers, I have not posted in forever because I have been focusing on school. I'm sorry. I've missed all of you. Today I want to talk about Woozmas in Woozworld. Woozmas in Woozworld is fun, crazy, and cool. You get presents the whole month of December! There are events in the SantaWooz Village.
This year we have to choose our "Santa." Our choices are: 

LilyWooz says:  Woozens, meet Lib Street tycoon Kris Klauz! He and his company are bidding to bring you an updated Woozmas that respects tradition while maximizing your enjoyment. 
 LilyWooz also says:  Like, oh my god! Logan has taken a break from her busy schedule of surfing and partying to campaign for your vote! 
LilyWooz says: Traveling back from 3015, Santax1 is here to show you some futuristic fun!


Now, Who do you think will be our Santa? We WON'T know in till later. 

That is all I have now. I will be posting again Friday! :D 

Have a safe Thanksgiving and be good! :D 28 days till Christmas! :D