Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hello beautiful Bursties!
Selly here, presenting the new style of Woozmas: Electmas!
Basically, SantaWooz is away on Hawaii, and can't complete his duty this year (Is this even legit?). But, fear not! He has sent his Interim Santas to make Woozmas a blast for us once again. The one we, the Woozens, like best, will be the host of this year's Woozmas, or in this case, Electmas!

Up to now, three possible Interim Santas have been presented to us.

Up first, SantaX1! A Santa-bot from the future, specifically the year 3015! He is all about reusing and recycling old materials and waste! He, as well as his presents, was created out of recycled materials! He's offering us:

              Holographic Woozmas Trees!

              Plasma Fireplaces!

              The traditional Woozmas meals in pill form!

He uses teleportation to deliver gifts faster.
My thoughts: Too futuristic for my style, I like things that I can actually feel *referred to the tree*.
Overall rate: 6/10.

Secondly, we have Logan! A hip beach surfer girl, all about surfing and relaxation. What I like about her is that she resembles every teenage girl in the way she talks and her style. She promises us a sunny and warm Woozmas, with presents under a palm tree! She's delivering presents by surfboard! She might be a bit slower than the regular reindeers, but who'd mind if the presents are great? Better ever than never!
How does Woozmas on the beach sound to you?

My thoughts: Would be a very pleasant change from the usual snowy and cold atmosphere for Woozmas! And Logan is so likeable! I'm all for it for now.

Overall rate:  8.5/10.

And, finally, we have the third Interim Santa presented to us for now,  Kris Klauz! Such a professional businessman from Woozworld! All about saving money, hiring unpaid interns to deliver presents for him, and promising cheaper alternatives for the same enjoyment. He suggests microwaveable meals instead of the family cooking in the kitchen! Isn't half of the joy of Woozmas in a nice home-cooked meal?
I warn you, his: 'Mo 'Mo 'Mo, gets old after the first M!

My thoughts: Seems professional, but fairly cheap. I don't feel like he gets the true meaning of Woozmas AT ALL. The first two sounded much better to me, but I'm counting on the couple of those we'll see in the days to come to be fantastic!

Overall rate: 5/10

Let's just hope Woozworld will still have it's Woozmas daily gifts. ;)
What are your thoughts on the Interim Santas?
How about thoughts on this whole Electmas deal?

Discuss it with me in the chat box!
*New sign-off photo coming soon, too*